Circle Rehab Physical Therapy

We are one of the leading providers for over 20 years in physical therapy. Are you or a loved one living with a chronic condition or recovering from an illness?

When you need Therapy, our expert staff and the latest innovative technology are just two reasons to contact Circle Rehab Physical Therapy.


Circle Rehabilitation specializes in the treatment of neck & back injuries, sports & work injuries, orthopedic problems, arthritic conditions, total joint rehab, and post-stroke treatment.

Campbell Clinic

819 McCartney Road
Campbell, OH 44405
Phone Number: 330-744-5550
Fax Number:      330-744-5526
Phone Number: 330-385-3118
Fax Number:      330-385-3119
16044 State Route 170
East Liverpool, OH 43920

Calcutta Clinic

Phone Number: 330-797-9060
Fax Number:      330-797-9193
2995 Canfield Road
Youngstown, OH 44511

Cornersburg Clinic

Phone Number: 330-424-6500
Fax Number:      330-424-6620
7941 State Route 45
Lisbon, OH 44432

Lisbon Clinic

Phone Number: 330-707-9064
Fax Number:      330-599-5189
6615 Clingan Road, Suite E
Poland, OH 44514

Poland Clinic

Phone Number: 330-382-7750
Fax Number:      330-382-7751
819 McCartney Road
Campbell, OH 44405

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